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Civilization as Project
Евразийский центр управления проектами Euroasian project management center Euroasien Projektmanagement Zentrum Centre de gestion de projets de l'Eurasie

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The book is written «Antikrisis, Innovation and Project Management of China: Ideas, Solutions and Lessons for Russia»

Final Report of Research "Euroasian Way of Projekt Management"


Кольцо Патриотических Ресурсов

Our Company

Crystallization center of the Euroasian project management Standard.
Profit making organization supporting development and application of the Euroasian project management Standard.
Cofounder of the prospective nonprofit institution "Euroasian project management Association".

Our philosophy

Practical comprehension of geopolitical and civilization aspects of project management

Our experience

There is experience of team members in organization, investments, innovation, development and project management implementation projects reflected in the proposals of our company. The projects were realized for investments, innovation, power, telecommunication, transport companies, utilities, state and municipal bodies in Russia Federation and CIS countries.

Our task

Development and application of the Euroasian project management Standard

Values of the project management

  • Strategy's tool
  • Competition's tool
  • Rational goals designation
  • Systems approach
  • Project's competence
  • Project's structuring
  • Project's optimization of business' process
  • Project management of functional areas
  • Harmonization of business

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Civilization as Project
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